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Design and specification for concrete mixes for in situ precast , post-tensioned and precast concrete construction with particular attention to requirements for durability in the harsh Middle East environment.  Impartial independent advice on additives , specialist materials and systems used in concrete mix design and construction.

The regulatory and statutory control of construction in the UAE is less effective than in more in developed economies. In this type of market the term caveat emptor ( buyer beware ) is specially pertinent & clients / owners procuring new building construction work require expert impartial advice.

There is relatively little regulation or control of product advertising and promotion in the UAE and in some cases this can lead to a far-fetched or worse false claims for construction materials and systems and the effects of poor / improper design and construction can manifest themselves early in the life of the structure.

There have been extensive studies and research carried out to understand the causes of reinforcement corrosion and deterioration and this is a complex electro chemical mechanism. 

In many situations the use of good current concrete technology with low water cement ratios, high cement contents , proper attention to materials specification and design parameters such as cover and waterproofing are adequate to ensure durability. However in certain micro environments such as the marine environment and concrete periodically in contact with water special measures materials or systems are required. Proper attention to ensuring these design parameters are properly  executed during the construction are essential.

Young Engineering Consultancy Services has extensive experience of materials or systems that have been used in the UAE to improve the durability & performance of reinforced concrete . To ensure their effectiveness the design & use of these materials or systems needs to be considered based on the environment and exposure of each situation and other design parameters.

Services are provided for the design & specification of new construction works for ;
  • Design checks of existing reinforced concrete or steel structures

  • Preparation of specifications for materials & workmanship for durable construction

  • Alternative reinforcement types or reinforcement treatments

  • Concrete Technology

  • Use of concrete permeability testing to determine durability

  • Cement replacements or additives

  • Protective coatings for concrete and steel structures

  • Fusion bonded epoxy coated reinforcement

  • Microsilica concrete

  • Cathodic protection of reinforced concrete structures

  • Corrosion inhibitors

  • Other specialist materials & systems

Structural design and analysis of reinforced concrete and steel low and high rise buildings, marine structures...

Investigation, surveying assessment, recommendations and cost estimates for repair , supervision and project management...

Design and specification for concrete mixes for in situ precast , post-tensioned and precast concrete construction...

Review and assessment of the quality of reinforced concrete and other structural forms and the assessment and modelling...

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