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Structural design and analysis of reinforced concrete and steel low and high rise buildings, marine structures ( such as quay walls, pontoons and Jetties ) , bridges , towers and other structures.  Familiarity with modern structural analysis design software packages for concept and detailed design and the preparation of calculations and drafting of drawings. 

Property owners, managers and real estate companies are frequently looking at new ways to efficiently utilise their existing real estate assets.  Buildings designed for a particular use are undergoing architectural and interior design refurbishment and changes.

The architectural and interior remodelling of buildings often necessitates some changes or modifications to the structure.  In addition the change of use of a building can result in additional loading from its use or by the addition of new finishes and building services and equipment. In such cases a feasibility study is required to assess the condition strength of the existing structure and its adequacy for the proposed revised loading.

Young Engineering Consultancy Services can offer the following services for structural checks, additions or modifications:
  • Feasibility study and structural design of mezzanine floors in existing buildings

  • Feasibility study and structural design for additional lightweight storey

  • Design of openings in reinforced concrete slabs for ; new staircases ,elevators & openings

  • Structural modifications and strengthening for column removal

  • Checks for change of use of building & changed imposed loading

  • Structural design of new access staircases

  • Effect of excavation for new construction on existing buildings

  • Design checks for addition of elevators to buildings

  • Design checks for the relocation / addition of plant or equipment in buildings

  • Design checks for new overhead cranes

Structural design and analysis of reinforced concrete and steel low and high rise buildings, marine structures...

Investigation, surveying assessment, recommendations and cost estimates for repair , supervision and project management...

Design and specification for concrete mixes for in situ precast , post-tensioned and precast concrete construction...

Review and assessment of the quality of reinforced concrete and other structural forms and the assessment and modelling...

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